We are Sahra and Ttobie the founders of August Inc. here in Sydney, Australia.

We created August Inc. to bring Black Women together in cohesive spaces where we can spend time with one another and share experiences without the scrutiny of mainstream society.

August Inc. is all about self-care, for us self-care is about finding a space to belong. It is about being true to yourself and breathing in all that is authentically you. As Black Women we are the same but different and we believe that leaning on one another and coming together helps us mentally and physically to face a world that was not necessarily built for us.
We aim to create events that ensure that Black Women feel safe and secure within themselves and the space they take up in Australia.

When we gather as a collective, our strength and beauty empower us to heal, renew and prepare us to return to communities where we are few in number.

For more, read an interview about us and our vision from We Heal Too here

Join August Inc for our events, find the Black Mothers Group here and The Book Club here