We have a few different projects we currently run! Events where we GATHER, Woke and Weary; book club discussions and a Black Mothers Group. 

The word GATHER evokes images of people travelling from far and wide to come together, or harvest season when ripe food was collected- traditionally starting in August. 

GATHER are events created to enjoy the company of other Black Women while learning from one another in an informal friendly environment with abundant food . GATHER usually involves a picnic in a beautiful location for those balmy summer days, restaurant outings that allow for intimate conversation, specially curated dinners hosted by foodies within our community and brunches, lunches, dinners and everything in between.

Love Thyself are carefully crafted self care retreats designed to nurture Black Women who are looking to learn and understand how to use holistic and effective techniques in their daily routine. All retreats are lead by black women practitioners and have an emphasis on black women's self care.

The Book Club. 

We meet just about every month and read books by and about PoC and other marginalised groups. Although the book club has been created by us for Black Women it is open to other women who want to be real allies to Black Women and marginalised groups. 

Currently reading: The Sellout by Paul Beatty

Black Mothers Group is a group for Black Mothers or those who are bringing up Black Children. It is a safe space for uplifting  parenting decisions, supporting one another and encouragement. We meet regularly. For our next meet up click the link above.

Common Folx is aimed at young woke professionals who want to connect with likeminded people. We hold speed dating and meet and mingle nights that move conversation off a screen and back into the real world.



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